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ICPCM summary

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:02 am    Post subject: ICPCM summary Reply with quote

For those of you who weren't able to attend this Monday's ICPCM meeting, here's a summary. The morning was filled with an inservice on "Career Cards," a new tool to glean employment preferences from our consumers. Lunch was a brainstorming session on the future of ICPCM (wondering if the agency has a place in a post-IPMG world). There was talk of expanding case management training and networking beyond CMGT for DD folks to make ICPCM more broadly appealing.

The afternoon had a presentation from a representative of OVR, outlining new results-based funding that will start 7/1/6. It only pays Rehab providers for getting plans written and finding jobs, not the old system of billing $9.24/quarter hour. The final presentation was Adrienne Shields, Director of Client Services. She described her new responsibilities and handed out an organizational chart showing where she fits in DDRS managment. She will supervise BDDS Regional Managers Jeanette Siener and Mary Ann Ruppert, but confesses that most of her time right now is being taken up by the CMGT consolidation project.

Adrienne tried to answer specific questions about case management, but still cannot confirm some items until the IPMG contract is signed (which she expected to be signed last week). She asserted that there isn't a lawsuit involving CMS, but did admit that CMGT is being taken out of the waiver (again). By making CMGT a "Medicaid Administrative" service, the state will be losing part of the federal match for this service. The federal match drops from 63-65% (figures varied depending on source) to 50%.

She stated that she has language in the contract stating that if the average caseload exceeds 50 clients/case manager, IPMG is to notify her immediately. She wouldn't confirm if part-time case managers would be hired, or if a minimum caseload existed. She said that it wasn't her job to tell IPMG how to run their business, for example, whether to hire employees or contract for services with individual case managers. She did assert a committment to minimize disruption for consumers as much as possible. Someone asked if they got hired at IPMG, would they be able to work with their same consumers? She responded, "Definitely."

Adrienne invited all case managers to attend an informational session on June 23, 2006, at the Government Auditorium in Indy, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. or from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. At this meeting, representatives from IPMG will explain how case managers can apply for positions in the new agency. It will be our opportunity to ask questions like, "Will part-time positions be available?" "Will I have to work out of an office, or can I remain working from home?" "Will I have to take on new clients to meet a higher caseload quota than I can handle?"

If the contract isn't signed by June 23rd, obviously, the meeting will be a waste of time, because no new details will be released. Supposedly, a letter was being sent to families explaining that July 1st is no longer the implementation date for IPMG's contract, but we haven't seen that yet (our families let us know when they get this kind of correspondence). Adrienne did say that when the transition occurs, that all CMs continuing on with IPMG will start at the same time. She described it as a "flip-switch," where one day we'll all be working for whomever we are today, and then the next day, BAM!, any case managers working in Indiana will have to be IPMG employees.

It was interesting that the state doesn't even know how many case managers there are in Indiana. Dave Steinhilber (Roeing) told Adrieene there are 240-some case managers in Indiana; Lilia Teninty told her 1400; someone else told her 800. So there is no telling how many case managers IPMG will need to serve the 9100 - 9200 consumers receiving waiver services. After the contract is signed, it goes to the Department of Administration for the final seal, which can take up to 45 or 90 (conflicting sources) days. So we don't look for the transition, flip-switch or otherwise, to happen in the immediate future.
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Gwen Chesterfield

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks to Nancy and Gina for your firsthand reports on the ICPCM General Membership Meeting June 12. For those in attendance, Adrienne Shield’s presentation met an intense need for credible information about the case management transition, understanding that details are still being worked out. Cjhelser did not attend the meeting - her posted report was based upon secondhand information and was inaccurate.

ICPCM members appreciated Adrienne Shields readily accepting our invitation to attend the (regularly scheduled quarterly) ICPCM meeting for the purpose of information sharing, especially given she just started in her new position May 22. Information is something we have needed and requested for several months but not received. ICPCM has a long history of inviting state officials to attend our General Membership meetings for the purpose of inservice training and presentations on waiver issues and changes for the benefit of our members and other case managers.

As outlined by Nancy and Gina, Adrienne did a presentation and then responded to our many questions and concerns, the result of rumors running rampant in the absence of information. The meeting was constructive and helpful; feedback was very positive from case managers who were present. The protracted period of silence and lack of information from the state about the case management transition has resulted in a high level of anxiety and upset in case managers and consumers. Adrienne conveyed sensitivity for this predicament and outlined her plans to begin to strengthen communication with case managers and consumers. First, she plans to send an information letter to consumers and families via postal mail as soon as possible (which will then be emailed to case managers and providers), followed by at least 10 Family Forums on case management that she will facilitate with Rich Metzger around the state. The second major activity is the planned Case Manager meeting in Indianapolis on June 23, as stated in the previous meeting summaries posted on WaiverWatch.

The Annual Plan, followed by the Consolidated Case Management initiative and this protracted “limbo” period of time have taken a major toll on consumers and case managers. Undoubtedly there will be further changes down the road, including the OASIS initiative (an individual assessment process to determine a person’s waiver rate) that has been in development since the last administration. ICPCM will continue to work to provide access to current information that enables case managers to fulfill their responsibilities for the benefit of their consumers.

Gwen Chesterfield
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