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Mitch Roob's plan to privatize intake--the latest

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Joined: 22 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 9:09 pm    Post subject: Mitch Roob's plan to privatize intake--the latest Reply with quote

State privatization effort questioned

Child services jobs to be privatized
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Joined: 24 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 7:03 am    Post subject: No Surprise Reply with quote

Thank you for posting these news reports. But it is no surprise....IFSSA and Mitch Roob are continuing their dirty deals (ACS, Roob's old company) and devastating the Indiana Medicaid program and the recipients and families needing these services. This is why it is important that families, recipients, agencies, providers, etc. keep the heat on the Governor's office, IFSSA, legislators, etc. We must fight for what is right including the devastation caused by Roob and FSSA within the Indiana Medicaid Waiver program. A Rally at the State House is set for June 19th @ 11:00am to show the Governor that we will not stand for the crap Roob and FSSA is doing to our disabled Hoosiers......let's have a big turnout!
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Joined: 24 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 6:31 pm    Post subject: As Predicted Reply with quote

Below is an email (one of many) that I have submitted to Governor Daniels. This one follows directly with noplacelikehome's posting per the latest scandal by Mitch Roob & FSSA per privatization of claims processing in Indiana. Please read the article attached to this topic.....Mitch Roob's former company;ACS is looking at a $1 billion deal with the state. This though was predicted back in December of 2005 by my company per the Case Management RFP.....the contract would go to Mitch Roob's former company.

Now the big question is.......who is the "mother" company behind IPMG????? The six case management owners are NOT the backing company. They are just the "front" symbols. There is a mother company financing this contract.......IPMG basically is not a "formed" company. So we need to find out who is financing IPMG and getting $15 million under this RFP.

Below is my correspondence to Governor Mitch Daniels:

[b]Dear Governor Daniels:

I have written to you and your office on numerous occasions per the devastation your office is allowing by IFSSA per Indiana's Medicaid Waiver program. Below I will copy an email I submitted on 12/19/05 per concerns that Mitch Roob and his former company; ACS may be setting up less than ligitimate "deals" using FSSA and taxpayers' monies for personal gain. Here is the email:

Mr. Roob ~

As a Medicaid Waiver provider (Case Management), there are several "premises" that seemed to be made by IFSSA concerning the budget issues surrounding the federal & state funded Medicaid Waiver program within Indiana. Through review of FSSA's own website per statistics & data the following information can be found:

1) Indiana's Medicaid program FY 2005 budget was $1.387 billion. For FY 2006, this number goes to $1.455 billion.

2) The estimated dollar amount of "Medicaid Over-Expenditures" is $121 million.

3) Indiana's General Fund Dollars for Medicaid for FY 2005 indicated expenditures for Administration at $16 million, DD at $130 million, Family Resources at $255 million, Mental Health at $242 million and Medicaid at $1266 million.

4) The Medicaid Funding crisis is targeted more toward the cost of Medicaid prescription drugs.....which is solely state funded. The costs of the Medicaid Waiver program is supplemented by 63% of federal funds.

Based on these figures, the DD Waiver costs are minimal to the overall State General Fund Dollars ($130 million). Therefore, the premises indicated by IFSSA per the rate cuts for the DD Medicaid Waiver programs seem to conclude the following:

Premise 1 - MR/DD is blowing the Medicaid budget. Analysis - This is absurd! MR/DD is a very small part of the Indiana Medicaid budget. In addition, all past studies have found the MR/DD money to be well spent compared to other Medicaid budgets.

Premise 2 - The Cost for services is too high for the markets, and therefore rates needed to be cut. Analysis - The cost of MR/DD services is earning a very small net income or break even at best. If cuts were to be made, they need to be made to the number of services AND NOT the rate of pay per service.

Premise 3 - The Private Sector takes a Medicaid Cut But the State Takes No Medicaid Cut - Analysis - The state enacted rate cuts due to the "Medicaid Crisis", however the State (which is also Medicaid) accepted NO CUT despite the "crisis".

Also, how does reducing the rates for the Medicaid Waiver program supplement the cost issues surrounding the state's Medicaid prescription drugs program? How can the state take money from the waiver program and slide it over the the cost issues per prescription drugs? Isn't this type of co-mingling of monies a violation of Medicaid statutes?

Additionally, it was announced on the new networks today, that Governor Daniels has issued a 6% salary increase for all state employees. So state employees as yourself, are awarded increases while providers who support Hoosiers with MR/DD must suffer overwhelming reductions in reimbursement for services? Until IFSSA is willing to take their fair share of financial reductions per this "Medicaid crisis," how can you justify the continued reduction of funding from families and consumers?

Lastly, per the RFP 6-45 concerning Case Management (in which the state will award a contract to one entity to oversee and provide all case management services in the state of Indiana), indications are that a company in which your are affiliated is the favored to receive this RFP. Can you please comment on this?

I look forward to your reply.

Christina J. Helser, CEO
Ascend, Inc.

I find it interesting that just this week, Mitch Roob and FSSA is in trouble again for the privatization effort of Indiana's claims processing and may be giving the $1 billion contract to ACS......just as I predicted. How long is your administration going to allow Mitch Roob and FSSA to "steal" taxpayers' money, destroy jobs throughout Indiana and turn your backs upon the thousands of disabled Hoosiers? Again, you and your administation should be ashamed of the actions you have allowed Roob and FSSA to take. As a small business owner in Indiana, you are taking away my investment in Indiana, our business tax dollars to Indiana, employment of Hoosiers and the provision of quality supports to our disabled citizens. I understand that all my coorespondence to your administation gets forwarded directly to Mitch Roob and/or Peter Bisbecos, DDRS.....well, you do not need to forward this email. I am sending it directly to Roob and Bisbecos. The next communication you will receive from me will be at the June 19th Rally at the State House for the thousands of developmentally disabled Hoosiers who are losing their services and supports under Indiana's Medicaid Waiver program. On this date, you will also be receiving a mult-signed petition by Hoosier citizens compelling you to stop the dirty deals and corruption within FSSA.

Christina J. Helser, CEO
Ascend, Inc.
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